My Resolution: Putting the Distractions on Silent

We will soon eclipse the horizon of 2014, introducing a new year and a multitude of well-intended Resolutions that will be forgotten or discarded like some old toy within a month or two.

This is one of those well-intended Resolutions and I hope it can avoid the bargain bin.

The truth is I’ve already started on it. It started a few weeks ago, and while it is a work in progress, I did not intend it as my New Year’s Resolution.  It is more of a focus, a necessity.

A radio program I was listening to caught my attention discussing the effects of social media and smartphone devices on our attention span and brain development. That branched into reading and listening to a professor from Stanford University, Dr. Clifford Nass, who unfortunately passed away this year. (you can read here, and here, and listen here)

His research is incredible, foretelling, and frightening.  Continue reading “My Resolution: Putting the Distractions on Silent”

Ten Thoughts on the 2013 Iron Bowl

Auburn defeated #1 Alabama in one of the most unbelievable finishes to their storied rivalry anyone has ever seen.

Since that undoubtedly historic night, I’ve seen a lot of ill-placed blame and logic scattered throughout the Internet. Here are my thoughts I’ve compiled and broken down into ten points from the 2013 Iron Bowl.

1.  Alabama committed six penalties for 45 yards. Five of those penalties (45 yards) came in the 2nd half.  Four of them were false start penalties. One false start cost Alabama 3 points. A holding  penalty negated a 1st down inside the Auburn 15 with 4 minutes remaining in the game. Bama entered the Iron Bowl averaging about 4.5 penalties per game.

2. Tre Mason gashed Alabama all night, running for 164 yards —  the second highest total by an individual in Saban’s tenure at Alabama. Former Arkansas Razorback, Darren McFadden, rushed for 195 yards in 2007 (Saban’s first season)against Bama, but that was hardly Saban’s team.

3. Kenyan Drake gained 33 yards on 4 carries, then disappeared. Gary and Verne made no mention of the disappearance, to my knowledge. His last carry came early in the 2nd quarter, and I haven’t found anything citing an injury. (Edit: This may shed some light, but only a little…)

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Alex Rodriguez is a Desecration to Major League Baseball

“It’s like I’m Al Capone or something,” Rose said. “But guys are starting to come back to my side now because they see what is happening in baseball. Guys are doing things that alter records and they get 65 games. I got 24 years.” — Pete Rose

Bud Selig and company had an opportunity to crush PED usage in professional baseball.

Instead, they allowed Alex Rodriguez to negotiate. Rodriguez — who has lied about using PEDs on national television, only to backtrack and admit to taking them, and then get caught all over again. My goodness. If you aren’t going to lay the hammer down for that, then I’m not sure what it will take.

I have a big problem with Alex Rodriguez. He’s a cheater. And a liar. He’s a disgrace to the game. I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

“I did take a banned substance. And for that, I am very sorry and deeply regretful.” — Alex Rodriguez in an interview with Peter Gammons in 2009

Nope. Not even that. How can you feel deep regret, when just two years prior to him admitting to using PEDs, he flat out denied ever using them in an interview despite testing positive. Now, you’re telling me that he never knew he tested positive back in 2003? Come on. And does anyone remember that story he gave several weeks after admitting to using PEDs. He’s done nothing but make excuses. Continue reading “Alex Rodriguez is a Desecration to Major League Baseball”