My Top Ten Sports Moments

I did this about a month ago via Twitter, so I thought I’d add it to this blog for public scrutiny. These are my personal favorites. I don’t think these are the greatest sports moments of all time. That differs from person to person, but I also feel that it is cliché to do that at this point. I’ll leave that stuff to those guys at ESPN and elsewhere.

10. Antoine Pettway sinks game winning lay up to upset Florida.
I was 16 at the time and with my buddy, Jacob, at McDonald’s grabbing a bite to eat after our baseball game. We were sitting in the parking lot listening to it from my truck. When Pettway sank the game winning shot, we both jumped up and down in the parking lot and gave each other high fives and chest bumps celebrating the big win. The bad part… I could have been at the game, but I sat on the bench at my baseball game. At least I got to “experience” the moment through the radio.

9. Alabama snaps the streak and sends Tuberville out in style, Alabama 36, Auburn 0 (2008)
One of the best Rammer Jammer moments as well. Normal teams usually don’t get “Rammer Jammered” multiple times. This win also marked the first time Alabama defeated Auburn in Tuscaloosa.

8. Jason Heyward belts 1st major league HR in his first career at bat. (2010)
It took Heyward about 15 seconds to round the bases. Awesome moment made even better by being there. This is not my video, but a pretty good user video for sure. It’s a user video because of MLB’s copyright laws.

7. Alabama welcomes Urban Meyer to Tuscaloosa in 2005 with a 31-3 beating.
Sorry for the Rammer Jammer spam, but I couldn’t find another video for this one.

6. Alabama wins 1992 National Championship over heavily favored Miami.
George Teague takes the ball from Lamar Thomas. One of the few things I remember from the game. I was seven at the time and I could barely see over the tubas of the Crimson Tide band.

5. “Finally!” — Braves win ’95 World Series

Sorry. Nothing to show here. The team of the 90s defeated the Cleveland Indians in Game 6 of the 1995 World Series behind a great performance from Tom Glavine and a solo homer from David Justice.

4. Sid Bream scores the winning run to send the Braves to the World Series. Worst to First in 1991

Due to the awesome MLB copyright laws, you’ll have to forward to the 2:19 mark in this video to see the play.

Here’s the audio clip only.

3. Alabama gets revenge on the Florida Gators in the 2009 SEC Championship.

2. Alabama wins 2009 National Championship over Texas
Sweet, sweet victory.

1. 2009, “Maximum Block” Terrence Cody blocks field goal against Tennessee to preserve the win. I lost control of everything and had an out-of-body experience for thirty seconds (approximately).

The videos explain it all. I don’t remember what I did. Except speak in tongues.


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