Denard Robinson is Not Human

Seriously. This kid is raw. Look at these XBOX numbers he has put up:

Denard Robinson Strikes a Pose (Michigan Daily/Sam Wolson)

Passing: 43/62, 430 yards, 2 TDs
Rushing: 57 carr., 455 yards, 3 TDs

That’s just silly. Rodriguez should be buying this kid an Escalade. Wait, or is that not cool anymore? Maybe a Maserati then.

One thing is true: When Rich Rod gets the right QB — his system works.

Here’s the upcoming Michigan schedule:

vs. Bowling Green
@ Indiana
vs. Michigan State

Um.. can you imagine the numbers he’ll put up against the next three opponents? I expect his rushing attempts to drop. He can’t continue to carry the ball that many times and finish the season. I wish he could, because this guy is fun to watch. Maybe he can. I just don’t think it’s plausible to keep running your QB 25+ times a game.

Michigan could easily be 5-0 heading into the Michigan State game. Not bad.


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