The ACC is Awesome

Andrew Weber/US Presswire

It was not a good day for the ACC.

It started with Kansas upsetting #15 Georgia Tech 28-25. Kansas.. the same team that lost to North Dakota State. Not only did Kansas lose to an FCS team — but they only mustered 3 points against the Bison defense. Good win for Turner Gill, though. He really needed it.

It only got worse.

James Madison shocked the college football nation by upsetting Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Virginia Tech outgained James Madison 362 to 235. The Hokies had three turnovers and only scored one touchdown in five red zone trips. They were 3-5 in the red zone with two of those scores being field goals. One of the failed red zone trips was at the end of the game. The Hokies had the game in their hands but lost it, literally. Va Tech fumbled inside the 15-yard-line and James Madison recovered with about 4 minutes to go. JMU then broke a big run to midfield on 3rd and short, essentially ending the game. It gave JMU more time to run the clock out and they would. Va Tech forced JMU into a punting situation with :15 left, but the Hokies would rough the punter and send the Bisons into their victory formation. Game over.

Boise State fans can’t be happy about what that does to their BCS title hopes, regardless of whether or not the loss was a fluke. A loss is a loss. There’s no excuse to losing to James Madison when you’re Virginia Tech. Period.

Florida State really surprised me and not in the good way. Oklahoma cruised to a 47-17 victory over the Noles. I just hope no one informed Bobby Bowden while he was at Bryant-Denny chatting it up with Saban and Paterno. This was a chance for JimBo Fisher to make a statement. I suppose he did.

It turns out the U is not back. Jacory Harris tossed four interceptions in this contest as the Canes fell to the Buckeyes 36-24. Miami was in the game despite the costly turnovers. Ohio State scored 20 points off of the 4 interceptions. Game killer. Throw in two missed field goals by the Canes as well and you’ve put yourself in a nice position to lose. Ohio State played mistake-free football and converted the scoring opportunities after Miami turnovers. That’s why they won.

A few teams actually did win, though. Of course, two of them played each other and combined for 102 points and 987 yards of offense (Wake Forest 54, Duke 48).

Clemson thumped Presbyterian and Maryland crushed Morgan State, but can you really count those? Okay, Virginia Tech couldn’t FCS school, James Madison, and that counts against them so I guess it’s only fair to give the ACC credit here.

Two bright spots rest in NC State’s 28-21 win over Central Florida and Virginia managing to hang around against USC. Virginia actually outgained USC in this one and several opportunities to capitalize on but they did not.

When will it get better for the ACC? Their three flagship programs all lost and two of them got embarrassed.


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