The Time is Coming for USC

Southern Cal is now 2-0 after a 17-14 win over ACC powerhouse Virginia but they could very easily be 0-2. They have deserved to lose both of their games. USC has no discipline and they really just don’t seem to care or at least that’s what it looks like. They racked up 7 penalties in the 1st half against UVA and they did the same against Hawaii. USC now has 23 penalties in two games for a whopping 225 yards. A lot of these penalties are just silly, mental errors. It’s comical how undisciplined this team is.

Lucky for USC, Hawaii’s defense might as well stay on the sideline and Virginia’s offense is about as threatening as a ladybug. Yet, somehow Virginia found themselves in the game for four quarters despite USC going up 17-7 with just under five minutes left.

If USC doesn’t turn around quickly, they are going to find themselves in the middle of the PAC-10 at the end of this season. I expect they will be 4-0 going into their game against Washington, but it’s probably not safe to assume anything with these guys. Still, Minnesota and Washington State are not good football teams at all. After that, I can see them losing five games on their schedule.

vs. Washington
@ Stanford
vs. Cal
vs. Oregon
vs. Arizona State
@ Arizona
@ Oregon State

vs. Notre Dame

Highlighted in bold are the ones I think they’ll lose at this point and they could just as easily lose to ASU, Cal or Washington. I hope USC fans are the patient kind.


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