Around the NFL

A few bulletpoints:

  • It’s the same story each year. The Cowboys are the team to beat in the NFC. Blah, blah, blah. Yet, each year something seems to screw up for them. They looked terrible last night.
  • The Bengals Circus is already starting. That didn’t take long. I’ll take the Bengals word for it that it’s under control.. for now.
  • Randy Moss doesn’t feel appreciated. He’s obviously bitter. I guess.. maybe he has a point. Still, I don’t think the pity party is a good idea on his part especially after a Patriots win. Randy Moss is getting up there in age and the Patriots are a smart organization. They aren’t going to drop big money on Moss when they are perfectly fine with guys like Edelman and Welker. It’s a smart move by the Pats to give Brady the money. Brady is the guy in New England, not Moss.
  • Tough break for Kevin Kolb in Philly.
  • Stop booing Dennis Dixon Steelers fans. The kid is a third string QB and he actually held his own.
  • The Redskins don’t need Haynesworth.
  • Two former Falcons players were making plays Sunday: Michael Vick (PHI) and DeAngelo Hall (WAS)
  • The Texans set the tone early in the AFC South. I would say the Titans looked good, but they played the Raiders.
  • Lots of red flags for the Colts on Sunday. The defending AFC champs were the only team to lose in the AFC South and it was a division loss.

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