There is no QB Controversy in Philly

AP Photo/Mel Evans

Look, I know folks are going crazy over Vick in Philly because of his performance yesterday against the Packers, but this is Vick we’re talking about. He’s one of the most dynamic athletes in the league (still) yet he still has the same issues. He carries a low completion percentage with him (53% career and career 75.9 QB rating).

Sure, he did a fantastic job filling in for Kolb yesterday but I’d say the Packers defense hardly planned to deal with Vick scrambling around. There’s a difference between game planning for a guy all week and having to adjust to plan B. Vick’s legs are a double-edged sword. They make him a very dangerous man at QB if the defense doesn’t contain him. At the same time, he can start looking to run before making all of his reads.

Vick did have a good day yesterday. That’s undeniable. Inconsistency is the problem. Next week he could go 11-24 passing.

Maybe prison changed this guy. Maybe being in prison improved his accuracy. Maybe he threw a ball through a tire all day and had a miraculous revelation. I’m not sold yet. I don’t believe in the 66% accuracy and 101 QB rating. No way. He kept running because Green Bay didn’t spy him or contain him in any way. He did showcase his speed (and he’s still got it), but he seemed to be looking to run more than pass.

In the end, the Eagles still lost. Packers LB Clay Matthews made a nice stop on 4th and 1 on a Vick QB draw. It was an iffy play choice, if you ask me. Why not let your RB pound it up the gut? At least line up under center and maybe do a bootleg (with the defense thinking sneak).

I don’t see a QB controversy, yet. I think Kolb is the guy. He barely had a chance to prove anything yesterday before being knocked out with a concussion. His day wasn’t the greatest, but Kolb is largely inexperienced. He needs to be the guy for Philly. He needs a solid chance. It’s nice for the Eagles to have a backup like Vick because not many teams have this kind of option behind their #1.


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