“Time to Die”, Love Chris Rainey

Chris Rainey of the Florida Gators was arrested today for aggravated stalking.

Rainey sent his girlfriend or whatever she is a charming text message that read: “Time to die”. Probably not the best choice of words.

Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio says that Rainey is “not part of the team”. That’s not really all that concrete. Who knows what that means? Plus, we haven’t heard from Urban Meyer on the issue yet.

Apparently, Rainey’s girlfriend said she didn’t want to press charges and she does not fear for her life and is only concerned about the media bugging her constantly. Interesting.

I’m not sure what Rainey was thinking. He got a little psychotic it seems. Either way, it’s a blow to the Gators offense as he is a talented returner and a dynamic part of the Gators offensive attack.


5 thoughts on ““Time to Die”, Love Chris Rainey

  1. See, I was thinking you were legit until you said “Gators offensive attack”. Gators and offensive attack is a word and phrase that do not belong together anymore.

    I see 2 very tough struggles against Tenn and Kentucky in Florida’s near future, especially Tennessee. This week’s game could go either way.

    Alabama > Duke
    Ark > GA
    Miss > Vandy
    Bama > *
    Miss St > LSU (UH OH OMGWTFBBQ!)

    Auburn/Clem could go either way. I’d like to see Auburn lose, but I don’t know if Clemson can do it.

    I like your crazy upset pick, but I haven’t watched either team play this year so I don’t know.

    Crazy Auburn bullshe: so, my buddy thinks that Cam Newton… whoops, I mean.. Auburn has what it takes to beat South Carolina. He also thinks Bama will lose to SC because “our team isn’t strong enough”. I had to walk away from him because I was laughing too hard to comment.

    That is to say that he thinks Auburn’s team is stronger and better than Alabama. I wonder if he knows that Auburn has one player on their team and they struggled against a solid, yet, wildly mediocre Miss St team. Care to comment?

    1. Yeah, I can see Florida struggling a bit at Tennessee but I can also see Florida pulling away in the second half.

      Funny comment about “Florida’s offensive attack”. It’s unfair to hold the ‘post-Tebow’ Gators to the standards of that offense. Brantley is a solid QB and if they can gel, then it will be a solid attack. They put it together in the 2nd half last week against USF. They still have athletes all over the field.

      I’m not sure I agree with Arkansas over Georgia. It’s not out of the question, but I can’t make that pick.

      Yeah, I like Mississippi State over LSU. I was going to make that pick as my upset, but that particular pick is becoming popular so I went another route. It will depend on how Jordan Jefferson plays, but I think it’s gonna be an ugly one in Baton Rouge.

      As for Auburn, sure — they have what it takes to beat South Carolina. Can South Carolina beat Alabama? Absolutely. Does that mean Auburn is better than Alabama because of said comparisons? Not at all.

      South Carolina is definitely not stronger than Alabama. We have a better overall team by far. South Carolina’s QB is still their achilles heel. I feel like USC is a trendy pick and I’m not buying into them yet. Lattimore is impressive, but Georgia sure helped him draw comparisons to Herschel Walker.

      I’m not all over Cam Newton, yet. He still hasn’t proven himself as a legitimate passing threat. He’s a gifted athlete and can make you pay with his legs, but better teams will force him to make decisions and I don’t think he’s had to do that a whole lot, yet.

      1. Florida’s offense has been lackluster, at best (with or without comparing to the Tebow era). Saying that Florida has an offense based on a couple of second half drives against South Florida is something that I can’t do. Florida’s offense isn’t in a rhythm. It’s taken them, already, 2 games to try and find it and they still don’t have it yet. I don’t think they can pull it together on Tenn. South Florida ran all over them, I expect Tenn will do the same.

        I don’t see Georgia winning on Arkansas. Traditionally, I definitely would say any Georgia team could beat an Arkansas team, but that’s just not the case this year. Georgia’s defense isn’t there. Georgia’s O isn’t there. I think Arkansas won’t have a problem rushing or passing on their D, at all. I’m not sure why you think Georgia has a chance?

        Miss St will definitely rock LSU’s world. I think they’ll win over LSU, but I also think it’ll come down to the end, much like State vs. Auburn did. As long as State keeps turnovers to a minimum, they’ll be fine. Yeah, I know, you’re trying to make unique upset picks, but I hadn’t looked at any other picks before now…so its still unique to me.

        So, in your personal opinion, you’re telling me that you think Auburn will beat SC and you think Alabama will lose to SC? I don’t see it happening. Alabama vs. SC will definitely be a game I’m nervous about, but I absolutely do NOT think Auburn has what it takes to beat a top SEC team this year. What do you feel like Auburn has that Alabama doesn’t versus SC?

  2. Well, first of all — my point was that Rainey is not a guy Florida needed to lose. Secondly, they put up 266 yards of offense in the 2nd half (compared to 157 in the 1st) so they definitely had more going for them then than in the 1st half or even from the previous week. It takes time for offenses to come together and in no way did I indicate that they were back to a level of being a great offense. They are still struggling out there and they may struggle for a while, but they should improve each week (they already have). As for South Florida running all over them, that’s about the only thing successful that they did. Still, giving up 6 yards per carry is something of concern for the Gators defense. Also, from a week to week comparison, Florida improved tremendously on offense. They put out just over 200 more total yards.

    Tennessee is not a good football team. They have some fight, but they lack depth and it showed against Oregon. They are rebuilding. I’m not saying they can’t win, because any team is capable of piecing together an upset. The James Madisons and Appalachian States remind us of that. Tennessee has the advantage of being at home, but it didn’t help against Oregon. I don’t think it will help them this week.

    Georgia’s defense hasn’t been there for a while. It wasn’t there last year when they beat Arkansas 52-41 in Fayetteville. It won’t be there this Saturday either, I’m sure. Arkansas doesn’t possess any kind of shutdown defense either, though. Georgia does have a chance, though. It’s at Georgia and if Joe Cox can throw for 375 yards and 5 TDs, then I expect Murray to be able to throw on them as well because he is better. Georgia is going to be looking to rebound and it’s a must win for them. Arkansas is WAY overrated at #12 in the country.

    I don’t see State beating LSU this weekend. They can’t move the ball on offense and they won’t have the luxury of their cowbells. It will be quite the opposite, in fact. If LSU plays anywhere near the level it has been playing at, then they will leave the door wide open for State. It’s a must for Jordan Jefferson to get off to a good start for LSU. If not, then that’s going to be major trouble for LSU.

    I didn’t say that I think Auburn will beat SC. I said they are capable of doing so. They are capable of beating Alabama. Does that mean I think they will? No. South Carolina could beat Alabama. Alabama can beat South Carolina. It’s not about what one team has against another team. It’s about where the game is played at and who it’s against. There are plenty of factors. Alabama is a better and more talented team than Auburn, but Auburn is capable of beating South Carolina because they have talented players on their team. They aren’t the best team nor are they the best coached team, but they aren’t a pushover.

    Auburn gets South Carolina at Auburn. Alabama has to travel on the road to Columbia and play them. South Carolina also gets a week off before playing Alabama. Those things matter.

  3. My quarters worth of sense…

    Florida: They are more gifted on offense than you are giving them credit for Jeff “Doo Doo” Brown. Are they are gifted as they have been the last couple of years? Heck no. They have lost too much experience and talent. The key word there being experience. Do I think that this team has the offensive capabilities as a Tebow led team…no. Do I think they are still a real threat to explode…yes. Brantley is a gifted QB. He has had very little opportunity to play being Tebow’s backup, but he is a more gifted pocket QB than Tebow. He has yet to throw an INT in his collegiate career. I agree that a second half explosion (which really can be attributed more to their D and their Special Teams than their offense) against the likes of USF constitutes an awakening, but the more snaps and real game experience they Brantley and the O get, the more dangerous they will get. A huge problem they had in their 1st game was the long snapping of Pouncey which looks to be under control. Given the rivalry, the the inexperience of UF’s O, and the coaching for UT, the game will be closer than the 13 point spread I believe. UF will still come out on top and will be more dangerous as the year progresses.

    UGA v. Arkansas: Unfortunately I think that Arkansas will come out on top. I dont feel like you can use the USC game as a precedent for this game in determining the capabilities of UGA’s O or D, but I think that the strength of Arkansas O, in particular Mallet, will prove the difference. I think the UGA O will have a much easier time against a much weaker Arkansas D and like Brantley with UF, Murray for UGA is a gifted QB and will be dangerous by mid season, albiet too late. With AJ Green, I would probably give UGA the W, but without him as the X factor I have to go with Mallet and Arkansas. I will say this though, I feel like Arkansas will give Bama their toughest test all year and they scare me the most. Unless we play UF again in the SEC Ship then I think that will be the toughest test.

    Bama/USC/AU: Tyler wasn’t saying that he thought Auburn had a better chance against South Carolina than Bama. He was just saying that the USC is a scary game for Bama and that they have the capability of beating them, and that Auburn has the talent and capability to beat USC. I am not nearly as scared of the USC game as I am the Arkansas game though. I feel like the weak play of Garcia forces USC to play perfectly into Bama’s D, and the fact that the game is later in the year will prove beneficial for the inexperienced Bama D, unlike the game with Arkansas, which will throw Bama’s inexperienced D, with an emphasis on our DB’s, in the fire really early.

    Ill take LSU over MSU all week since it is in Baton Rouge. One more year under Dan Mullin and one more year under Les Miles will change the outcome but, with the talent disparity still there and with the home field advantage, I have to go with LSU.

    Im taking Auburn over Clemson only because I I like SEC. I think Cam and the spread O will be too much for Clemson. This is probably the toughest game to pick this week though.

    And Im going to have to take the Ole Miss fighting Admiral Ackbars over Vandy simply because I think the Massoli factor will take over.

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