Why Reggie Bush Shouldn’t Have to Give the Heisman Back

Maybe Bush should put this on his wall. He won't be seeing it anywhere else.

Reggie Bush didn’t take performance-enhancing drugs.

So why should he be forced to give up his highest accolade of individual achievement?

He still hasn’t apologized. I guess forfeiting the Heisman Trophy is his form of “I’m Sorry”.

If Reggie didn’t give up the trophy on his own, however, the Heisman committee would have stripped him of it and that is far worse.

As for Vince Young, he should be ashamed to accept a “second place” Heisman Trophy if such a thing were to happen. To me, it would be more embarrassing for the Heisman committee to reward a guy that was not the best player in the country that year.

It’s fine to take away the championships and all the things that the team accomplished, but to strip him of individual awards is taking it a bit too far.


5 thoughts on “Why Reggie Bush Shouldn’t Have to Give the Heisman Back

  1. Performance enhancing drugs isn’t the only reason you should be forced to forfeit the heisman. I understand that the rules regarding Amateurism are just rules, but think about what breaking those rules means.

    (My understanding is that his parents lived in a ballin house free of charge, he received payments/gifts from agents, etc.)

    It means that he would get some sort of income for playing, he wouldn’t be worried about trying to scrounge up money just like most other college athletes, he was set. He was getting paid to play college football, meaning that he could devote more time to practicing off the practice field (studying tape, etc) and working out.

    Would you agree with me that any pro football player would beat (out-perform) any college football player at the same position? Yeah, you can argue that coaching is better in the NFL, too.. and you’d be right. But, I almost promise you it has a lot to do with the fact that they get paid to be in the gym 4-6 hours a day getting stronger.

    So, yeah.. he was the best player in college football, not because he rightly deserved it, but because he was professionally playing college football. Pro skill level > College skill level. So, yes, breaking the rules regarding amateurism puts you on a different playing field than other college athletes, and, in my opinion, disqualifies you from receiving performance-based awards for college football.

  2. Some athletes have to work really hard to be good. Some are already freakishly gifted. Reggie Bush is freakishly gifted. I can’t speak for his work ethic.

    Sure, it takes hard work to be in the NFL — but it also takes a lot of talent.

    Most college athletes at elite levels have team meals and scholarships.

    You really don’t think Reggie Bush used any extra time he had to study film do you? I’m sure Bush and Leinart both lived it up in Los Angeles.

    Given the fact that I have no idea what he did with his time outside of football while he was at USC, I can’t honestly say that he did or did not work out more. But to say that he worked out more or studied film BECAUSE he received extra money is a bit far fetched.

    He won the Heisman that year because he compiled absurd numbers. He put up a whopping 2,330 total yards and 16 TDs to go along with it. That’s 908 yards rushing, 509 yards receiving and 913 yards returning kicks and punts. One of those 16 TDs was a passing touchdown.

    He won the Heisman on ability and talent, not because he received money or luxuries.

  3. I think the bulk of it comes down to 2 main points:

    1) The Heisman commitee is a very prestigious organization that takes pride in their name and honor. They expect their recipients to have upheld this honor while in college. They, as an individual organization, were going to take his trophy anyways to save name. While I dont doubt at all that the majority of the Heisman alumni played the game without getting paid, especially the older ones, there are definitely some that recieved it and were payed in college. Unfortunately, or not depending on the way you feel about college athletes getting paid, the reality of college football is that great players at primarily EVERY school get paid in some way. Most just dont get caught.

    2) The NCAA, in order to assert their authority yet again, would have taken the Heisman trohpy away if he had not given it up on his own or if the Heisman committee wouldn’t have taken it from him.

    I dont feel like Bush had an advantage like you do Jeff. I think there are a lot of players that get that in college football. Plus, I dont think he put any more time into studying and working out directly because of his financial aid. He was a gifted college athlete in probably the most recognized college media outlet in the nation. He spent his money and extra time partying and enjoying Southern Cali.

    I do however feel that he should be punished. Just because a lot of players get illegal financial aid, doesn’t make it ok. There are a lot that dont and still get by just fine. He was given a prestigous award and he tarnished the name of that award by what he recieved. If the Heisman committee wanted to take back their award because of outrageous acts that have been publicly brought to light, then they should have that right reserved. It should also be a point made to all major college athletes (a point that still wont hammer home though) that they are not above the law or above rules and there are consequences for breaking those rules.

    As a side note, I dont think VY should get the Heisman. He didn’t win it. Based off performance, the voters voted him second. He shouldn’t be rewarded because of Bush’s mistake.

  4. Hey bud, great blog you got over here, keep it up! To be honest I don’t think that Bush giving up the Heisman is all that big a deal. The thing is that you can’t take away the fact that he still did all those great things. It wasn’t steroids it was something else, not specified which to be isn’t a big deal in the big picture. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear your thoughts on mine. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/who-cares-about-reggie-bush-giving-back-the-heisman/

  5. Hey Chris. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my blog. I’m always interested in reading different views on things so I will definitely check your blog out. I’ll comment tomorrow, though. It has been a long day and I haven’t even touched my computer since about 3 p.m.

    I completely agree that you can’t take away what he did. I think Vince Young said something along the lines of that, too. Good stuff.

    Jacob, you brought up a good point about the “prestige” side of things. I didn’t really consider that, but you’re absolutely right in saying if he didn’t give it up then the Heisman committee was gonna take it away. I’ll write some more tomorrow. I’ve gotta get to bed right now.

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