Not all Hope is Lost for the Braves

A dark cloud has planted itself over Atlanta.

The Braves lost to the Nationals for the second game in a row on Wednesday afternoon and fell to 7-8 this season against them.

It’s maddening that the Braves can take out the Mets and Phillies, but can’t get the job done against Washington.

Justin Maxwell was the hero for Washington. He gave the Nats the only four runs they would score the entire game with one swing. Maxwell, who was hitting a paltry .132 with two homers on the year before the game, is a different hitter with the bases loaded.

Maxwell’s career with the bases loaded:
3-for-4, 3 HRs

Incredible. Next time you need a grand slam, keep this man on your short list.

It was just the second time the Braves have lost a home series all year.

Braves rookie pitcher, Mike Minor, pitched well outside of the 2nd inning.

The Braves had no problem hitting the ball. Scoring runs was the issue and has been a recurring problem this season for the Braves. They had 10 hits yesterday and were 1-11 with runners in scoring position (3-22 in the series). They only managed to score six runs in the entire series.

Given the time of year, I don’t know if the Braves have been at a lower point this season. They are three games behind the Phillies now and are still clinging to a half game lead over the Giants.

Still, the Braves have six games left against Philadelphia. There’s no reason to give up just yet, but the Braves really need to bounce back strong against the Mets this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Not all Hope is Lost for the Braves

  1. The Braves might be the unluckiest team in baseball during actual game play. The last game against the Nats was a perfect example. We had an RBI single taken away because it drilled the pitcher and turned into a DP somehow, then we had a rally killer the next inning because of a freak play where the ball hit JHey’s cleat. Bobby even commented on how unlucky its been. This is definitely a low point and if the Braves dont make the playoffs, it could be one of the biggest disappointments in Bobby’s managing career. The major difference btw this bad streak and the one in April is that the Braves know they can bounce back. They know they have the ability to win and win a lot. This road trip will make or break us. It is so fitting that the deciding stretch of games for the entire season comes down to a road trip. The place we are so bad at. We are one series away from being back on top. If we can win both all 3 series, we are in the playoffs and probably win the East. If we can be within 2 games of Philly by the time we meet them in ATL then its our division.

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