Around the NFL

The New York Giants were embarrassed last night by the Indianapolis Colts. Peyton beat Eli once again and Brandon Jacobs accidentally threw his helmet into the stands.

It was another solid week of NFL football full of injuries, flops and surprises.

  • The New York Jets dismantled the New England Patriots 28-14 in East Rutherford, NJ. Mark Sanchez threw 3 TDs as the Jets shut down the Patriots offense even with an early exit by Revis. The Patriots couldn’t run the ball and Tom Brady threw two interceptions. Quite a statement from the Jets who are now 1-1. They travel to Miami next week for an AFC East showdown. The Patriots get the Bills at home. 
  • The Jets may lose CB Darrelle Revis for two weeks due to a strained hamstring.
  • Percy Harvin’s MRI revealed no damage , but that’s the only good news for the Vikings this weekend.
  • Sam Bradford and the Rams dropped to 0-2 after losing to the Raiders, 16-14. Jason Campbell was benched, but head coach Tom Cable said that Campbell is still the starter. Might wanna think about how your portraying that on the field, coach. Rams QB Sam Bradford did a nice job considering he was facing a tough Raiders pass defense. He posted an 86.4 QB Rating and threw 2 TDs to 1 INT.
  • Jimmy Clausen has been named the starter over Matt Moore in Carolina. It’s not gonna matter anyway.
  • The Texans squeaked by the Washington Redskins on the road and are now 2-0. This is the kind of start the Texans have been waiting to get off to for the past few years. Matt Schaub torched the Redskins’ secondary for 497 yards passing. That’s embarrassing. All credit to Mr. Schaub, but you can’t give up that many yards through the air as a defensive unit. On the other hand, Donovan McNabb had a much more efficient game throwing for 428 yards on 28-38 passing. Both defenses will want to put this game behind them.
  • I was a bit confused by Kubiak’s decision not to kick the field goal in overtime. I felt it was a very makeable kick for Rackers, but at the same time it would have given the Redskins excellent field position if Rackers had missed. It wasn’t a bad idea, but the execution was not there on the punt. He booted it into the end zone. Kubiak tried to play field position and it backfired. Lucky for him, they still won.
  • Arian Foster had another nice game. He rushed for 69 yards and caught 3 passes for 69 yards.
  • If you ask me, the AFC South holds four teams capable of playing in the playoffs. I say it’s the Colts and Texans, though.
  • The spiral continues for the Cowboys. They continue to disappoint this season and things aren’t going to get any easier for them. They travel to Houston next week followed by a home game against the Titans and then a road game in Minnesota. They better figure things out fast.
  • Adrian Peterson is a violent runner. That guy won’t last more than 5 years running like that. Still, it’s fun to watch.
  • Michael Vick says he’s fine being the backup in Philly. You have to at least respect the fact that he said that and that he did his job while Kolb was sidelined with a concussion. I still think this is the right move. I know Vick has played very well in Kolb’s absence, but the Lions certainly aren’t the strongest of defensive units out there. Vick was forced to pass and he did a nice job of doing just that. He only ran when he needed to.

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