Colts running game resurfaces in win

(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

The Colts defeated the New York Giants 38-14 Sunday night in Indy’s home opener.

The Colts defense was much better this week and the offense found balance. They didn’t allow the Giants to run the ball at will unlike with the Texans.

Joseph Addai and Donald Brown combined for 36 carries and 161 yards on the ground. This enabled the Colts to control the clock and game a little better. They had about 11 more minutes of possession than the Giants.

I really think this offense is at its best when they are running the ball like this. It’s a must.

It not only keeps the clock moving and the defense off the field, but also forces the defense to respect the ground game. That makes Peyton even more dangerous because he has one of the best play fakes in the game.

I don’t remember a time when Peyton had this many weapons on offense. This offense is still trying to find a balance and a rhythm. The best is still to come, but I was happy to see the run game back in effect.


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