Favre Has Four Turnovers

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Brett Favre might be second-guessing himself now.

Favre turned the ball over four times in a loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

In fact, the Vikings were so scared to put the ball in Favre’s hands that they ran the ball exclusively on their next to last drive. Not even a play action. The Vikings were stopped on 4th and Goal when Karlos Dansby halted Adrian Peterson’s progress.

Favre threw 3 interceptions, lost 1 fumble and was sacked 3 times. His QB rating was 44.3.  Ouch. His rating for the year is 56.1. Double ouch.

The Vikings are now 0-2 and have only scored 19 points in two games. Granted, the two teams the Vikings have played are no slouches but it’s still alarming.

This was bound to happen in one of these “comebacks”. It was inevitable. We all knew that he would make the decision to return to the NFL once again and fall apart.

If Favre and the Vikings don’t get it together against the Lions next week, then there will be a serious issue for Minnesota.


4 thoughts on “Favre Has Four Turnovers

  1. I think that Favre is getting subpar help from his O-line as well. It is hurting him not having Rice. One of the INT’s he threw was Harvin’s fault and really should have been a TD. A thing about Favre is he has always had one go to guy that he can fall back on and that opens the passing game up for him. Those insane throws he makes that no one else can make are the majority of the time to a great WR. A lot of those throws end up as INTs and without a go to WR to thow to, those throws are resulting in INT’s more often. I dont think the Vikings will go away and I still think they will make the playoffs, but they will have to turn it around quick, and it will rely more on AP than on Favre this time

  2. Nice post over here, I definitely enjoyed the read! Another really fun week in the NFL world and again we saw a lot of things we expected and things that came out of the blue. I think the Dolphins defense showed a lot in week 2 against Brett Favre and the Vikings. They were able to shut down a team with a supposed potent offense and a made Favre look old once again. Offense wasn’t great but they shwoed enough to get the job done, and after an unimpressive win against Buffalo, they came back strong with an impressive win in Minnesota. Also, you think you could check out my blog because I’d’ love to hear what you think. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/wake-up-call/

  3. I haven’t seen how good/bad his o-line has played. He has one of the better o-line’s in the league if I’m not mistaken.

    I know he’s missing Rice and he’s always had a go-to guy, but he just looks old out there now.

    I will at least give Favre the benefit of the doubt because he’s faced the Saints and the Dolphins. I will give him a few more weeks before I completely write him off.

    As for the Vikings making the playoffs, yeah it’s possible. They have a very good defense and they still have one of the top running backs in the NFL. The Vikings can’t afford to keep giving games away, though.

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