Alabama rolls over Duke

Alabama improved to 3-0 with its romp over Duke Saturday and emphasized its status as the top team in the country.

I really don’t think there’s any doubt that Alabama is the #1 team in college football. Ohio State is a distant second and I’m moving Oregon up quickly. Sure, Oregon hasn’t really played anyone that good but they have stood out to me early on.

I won’t get into too many details about the stats of the game, but Alabama put up 626 yards of offense (311 passing, 315 rushing) and scored 62 points which was the highest point total since 1987 against Mississippi State (62 points). Mark Ingram rushed for 151 yards and 2 touchdowns on 9 carries. Trent Richardson had 7 carries for 61 yards and a touchdown. Julio Jones caught 5 passes for 106 yards and a touchdown. Alabama didn’t even punt until about the 3 minute mark in the 3rd quarter. They finished the game with two punts total. It was a good day for the offense.

Ingram looked great and it looked to me like he was 100% and confident in his knee. He was doing his usual weaving in and out of traffic so that was definitely good to see.

Let’s be honest, though. Alabama could have scored 100 points on Duke. They could have broken records on offense. The point is — Wake Forest scored 54 points on this defense. Elon scored 27 points and totaled over 400 yards offense. It’s a very bad defense. Yes, Alabama’s offense is very good and they are difficult to stop, but they aren’t unstoppable. They aren’t invincible.

It’s easy to get carried away with this team and think that there’s no way that they can lose. After all, Alabama hasn’t lost a regular season game since 2007. Sure, we are spoiled as Alabama fans.

We turned the ball over twice against Duke, although one of those was another fumble from Eddie Lacy in the Red Zone. The other turnover was an interception throw by McElroy in the Red Zone. Backups or not, you can’t turn the ball over in the Red Zone. Although, I feel pretty confident that neither Ingram nor Richardson would fumble the ball there.

After Eddie Lacy fumbled, Ingram and Richardson were the first to greet him on the sideline. I’m sure Lacy was happy that it wasn’t Saban. It’s reassuring to see this happen because it shows how much leadership is on this team. It seems like you can find a leader at almost any position on the field.

I don’t think there’s a team in the country that is as talented or deep as Alabama. They are the clear #1, but they can be knocked off their pedestal any given week. The good thing is, we haven’t seen any complacency with this team. They go out and take care of business. They haven’t had any snags like Florida or Texas. This team remains as poised as ever.

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One thought on “Alabama rolls over Duke

  1. To put it simply: Last year, it was Alabama’s championship to win, this year, it’s Alabama’s championship to lose.

    Bama’s got the ingredients to win it again, but, it’s just getting there that will be hard. Bama might come out of this regular season undefeated. If they do, I’ll be halfway surprised. We face an insane amount of SEC talent with bye weeks galore.

    Here’s what’s gonna be interesting. Regardless of if Bama is undefeated or goes into the post-season as a one-loss, they’ll play either Florida or South Carolina again in the SEC Championship, assuming, obviously, that Bama wins the West (Which, I’m pretty confident about unless we just tank against Ark/SC/LSU/Auburn). Also, assuming GA or Kentucky doesn’t end up surprising us.

    All that said, my main point was Bama’s got the perfect setup to repeat, but the road to ‘back-to-back’ is gonna be stupid hard. Tons of teams with bye weeks before their Bama game. Arkansas, SC, LSU, Tenn all away games… We’ll have to play, and beat, the best team in the SEC East..twice (as I said, I feel like the East will be won by Florida or SC.).

    And if we win all of that, then we will play a national championship game that i will be less nervous about than any of our SEC road games/championship game.

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