Ichiro is a hitting machine

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Ichiro has put together quite a career in the majors.

Nine straight 200-hit seasons to be exact. Ichiro is approaching his 10th consecutive 200-hit season and unless something catastrophic happens, he will reach 200 hits.

He’s currently at 197 hits for the season after going 4-4 tonight against the Blue Jays.

His streak of 8 consecutive seasons with 100 runs scored was snapped last season and he isn’t even close to his total from last year right now, but that is not his fault.

Ten consecutive 200-hit seasons. Not even Ty Cobb managed this feat. Ichiro broke the MLB record for consecutive 200-hit seasons last year.

It’s reasonable to think that Ichiro could play three more years and perhaps more if he cut down on his baserunning a bit more. He’s 36 years old and will turn 37 next month. He’s currently sitting on 2,227 hits for his MLB career. You have to think that he wants to get to 3,000.

Ty Cobb was 34 years old when he collected his 3,000th hit. It took Cobb 2,135 games to do so. Ichiro has played 1,575 games in the majors.

It would be an incredible feat for Ichiro to eclipse 3,000 hits and not having spent his entire career in the majors. He’s 773 hits off the mark.  He’d need to average about 194 hits for the next four seasons to reach 3,000.

Assuming he stays healthy, I think he can do it. He’s been a model of good health throughout his career and is currently on streak of 178 consecutive games played. Do you think he will reach 3,000 hits before he retires?


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