Michael Vick named Starter

(Mark Cunningham /Getty Images)

Philadelphia head coach Andy Reid pulled a 180 yesterday when he announced that Michael Vick was going to be the starter for the Eagles.

Look, I can’t say I blame him based on Vick’s performance but I still feel like this is the wrong move.

I thought the Eagles let McNabb go so Kevin Kolb could step in as quarterback of the future? You either go with the guy or you don’t.

I mean, if you’re gonna start Vick then you shouldn’t have let McNabb go to a division rival. Vick is exciting to watch, but I’m still skeptical here. I want to see him against a better defense. He hasn’t seen that yet. Teams are now going to gameplan with full certainty that Vick is the starter. It will make a difference.

Ultimately, I think Kolb will be the starter again at some point this year. I don’t think the Eagles are a playoff team with Vick or Kolb as the starter. Not with that defense.

I’m not sure what Andy Reid’s logic here is, but it’s only setting back Kolb’s progression as an NFL quarterback. Reid needs to show a little more confidence in Kolb. At least give him a chance.


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