My Insane and Bold Prediction of the Week

Every week, I’ll make a crazy but somewhat legitimate prediction for an upset in the college football world.

Last week turned out much like the Tennessee-Oregon pick, only worse. At least Tennessee was tied at halftime. Kentucky was blown out of the water by the Gators. I guess when you’ve lost 15 in a row at the Swamp and haven’t beaten Florida since 1986, then it might tend to mess with your head. Just a little bit anyway.

The Insane and Bold Record: 0-3

I can’t seem to get out of the SEC for the upsets. I’ll admit last week, in hindsight, was a really bad call. Shame on you, Wildcats.

Let’s get to it. This week’s upset special:

The Vols slide by LSU in Baton Rouge and send the “Mad Hatter” into a chaotic, downward spiral.

The Line: LSU -15

Everyone wants to see Les Miles lose his mind on the sideline. It’s coming. Just you wait. The Tigers are coming off two double-digit wins against Vanderbilt and Mississippi State, but those games have been closer than would appear to the untrained eye. Their defense is playing very well. So well, in fact, that they have carried the team until this point in the season. They have put up some very nice numbers and are led by Patrick Peterson and Drake Nevis defensively.

Les Miles is 5-4 in day games at home with LSU.

This game is going to be quite ugly. LSU will need the usual defensive/special team heroics if they want to win this one. How can you rely on the offense? Jordan Jefferson hasn’t thrown for 100 yards in three games and was replaced by Jarrett Lee against West Virginia. They have relied heavily on Stevan Ridley and their defense/special teams. It has been enough so far, but it will catch up to them.

If Tennessee can play mistake free football and keep the punts away from Patrick Peterson, then they will be in prime position to cause Verne Lundquist to lose his mind once again. Les Miles still doesn’t know who called for that spike…

If Chad Cunningham knows what’s best for him, he will keep the ball away from Peterson.

Final Prediction: Tennessee 17, LSU 14


3 thoughts on “My Insane and Bold Prediction of the Week

    1. Yeah, I considered Illinois over Ohio State. Also considered Indiana over Michigan.

      LSU barely got by West Virginia at home and that game was at night. Patrick Peterson returned a punt and blocked a kick. Had that not happened, LSU might have lost to West Virginia. If LSU gets a special teams touchdown, then they will probably be winning and the Mad Hatter will be safe for yet another week.

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