My Top 15 and Heisman List: Week 6

My Top 15
1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Boise State
4. Oregon
5. Nebraska
6. Oklahoma
7. TCU
8. Auburn
9. Arizona
10. Utah
11. Arkansas
12. Miami
13. Michigan State
14. Florida
15. LSU

Alabama holds steady at #1 and no one is even close.

Arizona and Utah move into the Top Ten this week and I decided to expand the ranking to 15 just to show where I felt like some of those teams would be. Obviously, my rankings are nothing more than a piece for discussion. I really hate putting LSU at 15. They are extremely lucky to be 5-0. Some polls have LSU as high as #9, though. Yuck.

Despite Oregon’s convincing 52-31 win over Stanford this past Saturday, I’m holding Boise State firm at #3. My reason is because the Broncos have played more quality opponents so far and I can’t help but think back to last year’s 16-9 defeat of the Ducks. Oregon did jump Boise State in most polls that I saw.

I think the Ducks are becoming sort of a hot commodity. They have an explosive offense, but their defense is bad. Stanford’s defense is bad. I’m not sure if there’s a quality defense in the PAC-10 right now. I was starting to give Stanford a little love last week and they were just trounced by the Ducks. I said that we would see if they will continue to be a contender. I guess not. Oregon is probably the best team in the PAC-10. That’s pretty clear. I’m not sure if there’s a team in the PAC-10 that can slow Oregon down. Advantage Ducks.

There’s no way I can bump Ohio State from the 2 spot. They haven’t done anything, in my opinion, to lose that spot. They have won their games and that’s all you can really do.

Florida fell a long way and rightly so. They looked awful. Michigan State is gaining ground with a 5-0 start. Nice work by the Spartans, but they have the unenviable task of stopping Denard Robinson next week. This will be a chance for both teams to make a big move in the polls.

Miami comes off a nice win at Clemson, but the ACC is weak. Virginia Tech still has a chance to win the ACC despite an abysmal start after their upending of NC State.

Heisman Race

1. Denard Robinson, MICH, QB
–I don’t think I can move Robinson from this spot. He’s on the verge of 2,000 total yards already. That’s ridiculous, even if it is against hapless defenses.
Last Week vs. Indiana: 10/16 277 yards, 3 TD, 19 carr., 217 yards, 2 TD

Passing Stats
67/96, 69.8%, 1,008 yards, 7 TD, 1 INT
Rushing Stats
98 att., 905 yards*, 9.2 average, 8 TD

2. Terrelle Pryor, OSU, QB
–Pryor and the Buckeyes struggled on the road at Illinois, but Pryor keeps his spot at #2 for now.
Last Week: 9/16 76 yards, 56.3%, 2 TD, 1 INT, 11 carr., 104 yards, 0 TD

Passing Stats
80/123, 65%, 1,015 yards, 12 TD, 3 INT
Rushing Stats
54 att., 373 yards, 6.9 average, 3 TD

3. Cam Newton, AUB, QB
–Newton didn’t do anything to hurt his status, but he didn’t do much to gain either. He did have a good game throwing the ball against La. Monroe — Auburn was simply working on his passing game against the Warhawks.
Last Week vs. La Monroe: 14/19 245 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT, 1 rush, -11 yards

Passing Stats
57/87, 65.5%. 928 yards, 12 TD, 4 INT

Rushing Stats
76 att., 474 yards, 6.2 average, 5 TD

4. Mark Ingram, ALA, RB
–Ingram didn’t blow the doors off against Florida on Saturday, but he didn’t need to. He did pick up two touchdowns.
Last Week vs. UF: 12 rushes, 47 yards, 2 TD, 3 catches, 19 yards

Rushing Stats
45 att., 355 yards, 7.9 average, 6 TD

5. LaMichael James, ORE, RB
-James had a gigantic week running the ball against Stanford and moved into second in the nation for most rushing yards behind Denard Robinson.
Last Week vs. Stanford: 31 rushes, 257 yards, 3 TD, 8.3 average

Rushing Stats
89 att., 712 yards, 8.0 average, 7 TD

* Player is leading the nation in this category

Darkhorse: Colin Kaepernick, NEV, QB

Nevada QB, Colin Kaepernick

–This darkhorse candidate has quietly put up ridiculous numbers at the quarterback position year in and year out averaging 2,358.6 yards passing per year, 968.7 yards rushing per year and 33.3 total touchdowns per year. He has helped Nevada to a 5-0 record and a spot at #21  in the latest rankings.

Passing Stats
73/106, 68.9%, 924 yards, 6 TD, 1 INT
Rushing Stats
56 att., 451 yards, 8.1 average, 8 TD

Dropped Out: Patrick Peterson, DB/Ret, LSU
-Peterson didn’t factor much in LSU”s victory over Tennessee on Saturday and if you’re going to stay in the Heisman race as a defensive back — you better be doing something special in each game.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below. You can e-mail me suggestions or questions at Follow me on Twitter @JoeSportswriter.


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