Tennessee throws Les Miles a Life Jacket

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The LSU Tigers were pronounced dead around 6 pm, CST.

But, thanks to the good doctor, Derek Dooley, the Tigers were brought back to life at the scene of their demise.

Tennessee threw Les Miles a life jacket on the final play of the game Saturday and kept his job safe for yet another week. A penalty for 13 men on the field extended the game one more play for the Tigers.

TD 00:00 Stevan Ridley 1 Yd Run 16- 14

Game over.

I’ve never seen a fanbase so unhappy with a 5-0 coach, but it’s completely justifiable. He may be the first coach to have an undefeated season, win the national championship and still get fired at the end of the season. (sarcasm)

The debacle at the end of the Tennessee game was reminiscent of the Ole Miss-LSU game last year — only the Tigers lost. The horrific end game management from that game made an appearance for the Tennessee game this year.

It may have been worse this time around. His players are just running around in total confusion. They have a “spike the ball” deficiency or something. You would think Miles would have this drilled into his teams heads by now. They should be professional ball spikers and clock managers at this point.

Miles is the joke of the SEC and the country. Until next time, and there is sure to be at least one more epic catastrophe before his tenure at LSU is done, we sit on the edge of our seats in wait.

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One thought on “Tennessee throws Les Miles a Life Jacket

  1. what a joke as a coach. I still can’t believe he was able to win a national championship even if it was with Saban’s players. There has never been a more high profile coach with worse time management than Les Miles

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