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I hit a measly 2 of 6 last week, but in my “pick three” I went 2-for-3. Still not a winning combo, but better than 2-6. I should have stayed away from the BYU-Utah State game as well as Stanford and Oregon. The Florida-Bama game was a surprise to me. I expected that one to be closer.

I did feel really good about Tennessee-LSU and Indiana-Michigan and hit those two. Let’s try again.

Once again, I do not gamble, so if you go with anything I say here then that’s your own call. I’m not advising, in any way, that you put money on my picks.

Here are my three picks of the week:

Arkansas -5 : The Razorbacks play Texas A&M tomorrow on a big stage at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX. The Aggies are not a good football team and I think Arkansas will win easily.

Florida -6.5: LSU is awful on offense. We all know this. The Gators haven’t been spectacular either, but they are much better than LSU. It’s time for the Tigers to take their first loss of the year in The Swamp. Gators win 24-9.

Michigan State +5: Michigan can’t stop anyone. Denard Robinson won’t take a hit on his stats I don’t think, but Michigan State will outlast the Wolverines. Spartans win 34-28.


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