Spread the Love

I have to admit that I am still shocked that Florida didn’t cover the spread against LSU last weekend. I’m even more shocked that LSU won. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to watch the game but I do think it’s time that everyone take a step back and look at Florida a little closer.

Last week, I hit two of three once again but couldn’t find a trifecta. I was all over Georgia, but chose to put go with Florida instead. I was too afraid to go with Georgia as a lock.

Spread the Love is 4-2 so far. Once again, I do not gamble, so if you go with anything I say here then that’s your own call. I’m not advising, in any way, that you put money on my picks.

Here are my picks for the week:

Boston College +21.5 @ Florida State
Boston College has lost three games in a row by at least 18 points, but I think Florida State might be getting a big number here. I don’t think they can cover it.

Illinois +7 @ Michigan State
The Illini have been a pesky opponent in the Big Ten so far this season and they drummed a not so good Penn State team last week. I think Illinois can keep it close and cover this spread.

Iowa -3.5 @ Michigan
I was all over Michigan State last week against the Wolverines and I’m going against Michigan once again. Iowa is a tough team defensively and Michigan State proved that Denard Robinson can be stopped (but of course).

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below. You can e-mail me suggestions or questions at jtmcadams@aol.com. Follow me on Twitter @JoeSportswriter.


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