Controversial Call Intensifies Need for Instant Replay

Fans and non-fans alike braved the late hours of the night to catch the 19-inning marathon game that ended around 1:25 a.m. CDT, only to be disappointed by this controversial call that brought the game to an abrupt end.

John Amis, AP

In a game that featured a girl screaming “Let’s Go Pirates!” at the top of her lungs, 609 pitches, excellent bullpen work from both teams, 39 men left on base, and a fan collecting a tower of souvenir cups — it would be Jerry Meals’ umpiring that took the spotlight in the longest game of the Atlanta Braves franchise history.

Meals had a questionable strike zone for most of the night, but his decision at home plate in the 19th inning warrants two questions: Did he get it right? And how much longer before MLB considers a complete instant replay system? Continue reading “Controversial Call Intensifies Need for Instant Replay”