“It’s like I’m Al Capone or something,” Rose said. “But guys are starting to come back to my side now because they see what is happening in baseball. Guys are doing things that alter records and they get 65 games. I got 24 years.” — Pete Rose

Bud Selig and company had an opportunity to crush PED usage in professional baseball.

Instead, they allowed Alex Rodriguez to negotiate. Rodriguez — who has lied about using PEDs on national television, only to backtrack and admit to taking them, and then get caught all over again. My goodness. If you aren’t going to lay the hammer down for that, then I’m not sure what it will take.

I have a big problem with Alex Rodriguez. He’s a cheater. And a liar. He’s a disgrace to the game. I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

“I did take a banned substance. And for that, I am very sorry and deeply regretful.” — Alex Rodriguez in an interview with Peter Gammons in 2009

Nope. Not even that. How can you feel deep regret, when just two years prior to him admitting to using PEDs, he flat out denied ever using them in an interview despite testing positive. Now, you’re telling me that he never knew he tested positive back in 2003? Come on. And does anyone remember that story he gave several weeks after admitting to using PEDs. He’s done nothing but make excuses.

Rodriguez was treated by a Canadian doctor in 2009 who was linked to distributing HGH. Shockingly, he denied receiving PEDs from the doctor. And this year, he is linked to the Biogenesis of America clinic. Did the guy ever stop using, trying to always gain an edge? I certainly don’t believe he did. Rangers owner, Tom Hicks, doesn’t believe it either. Here’s a quote from him after Rodriguez admitted to using PEDs in 2009.

“I feel personally betrayed. I feel deceived by Alex,” Hicks said in a conference call, according to The Associated Press. “He assured me that he had far too much respect for his own body to ever do that to himself. … I certainly don’t believe that if he’s now admitting that he started using when he came to the Texas Rangers, why should I believe that it didn’t start before he came to the Texas Rangers?” — Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks on Rodriguez

Major League Baseball has given Rodriguez a choice (more on that in a moment): accept a suspension through the 2014 season or potentially face a lifetime ban. If he is suspended, he will lose out on $34.2 million. Now, we’re talking about a guy who has earned $353, 416, 252 over the course of his playing career. I think he’ll be able to take the hit — especially when he comes back in 2015 and starts making $20 million a year again. He’ll have three more years left on his contract.

It would probably shock you to know that Rodriguez will accept the suspension through 2014 as opposed to facing a lifetime ban. I’m sure it was a difficult decision. But what is A-Rod so concerned about? You would think it would be his integrity. He probably realizes that was lost long ago. No, he’s accused the Yankees and MLB of conspiring to void the remainder of his contract. It’s about money.

Alex Rodriguez deserves the lifetime ban — more so than Pete Rose. He shouldn’t have a choice to do anything and no one should even remotely be willing to take his side. He’s brought all of this on himself by not coming clean. He’s had ample opportunities to fix this. He should be removed from the game and erased from the record books. He’s being accused of obstructing MLB’s investigation — obstructing! — recruiting athletes to the clinic, and lying to MLB numerous times.

Pete Rose played the game the right way. He didn’t use any PEDs, but he did bet on the game. And it did take a while for him to admit to doing so… but, can I see Alex Rodriguez continuously pleading for reinstatement to the game when he’s 60 years old (if he were banned of course)? No. I can’t. I believe that Pete Rose loves the game. I believe Alex lost that somewhere along the way.

Major League Baseball has simply slapped A-Rod, Ryan Braun, and others on the wrist for cheating the game. Braun gets 65 games. A-Rod gets 214, but somehow is allowed to play while he appeals his suspension. How’s that for ridiculous? These guys get suspended for doing the same thing — if not worse — than Pete Rose. If he had any love for the game of baseball, he wouldn’t do it. He wouldn’t put on the uniform ever again. He would walk away, because deep down he knows what he’s done.

What has been A-Rod’s response to inquiries on whether or not he is clean?

“I think we’ll have a forum to discuss all of that and we’ll talk about it then.”

That’s it! That’s all he can muster. He might be able to squeeze an ounce of sympathy by admitting to it right there — on the spot. But no, he avoids it all — again.

Bud Selig says he wants to clean the game up. Well… how many players have bet on baseball since Pete Rose was banned?


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