Spread the Love

Spread the Love makes three picks each week that I consider to be “locks”. They are hardly ever locks, though, especially when it comes to sports.

So far, Spread the Love is 11-8. [Insert witty insult here]

Once again, I do not gamble, so if you go with anything I say here then that’s your own call. I’m not advising, in any way, that you put money on my picks.

Week 11 Picks of the Week:

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Spread the Love

It comes back every week even if I miss every single pick. There are some good looking games this week, though.

I’ll issue my fair warning as I do every week. I do not gamble and any pick that you take is at your own risk. If you have followed this particular part of the blog, then you should know not to take any of my picks on the spread!

Here are my picks this week:

Oklahoma State -8 vs. Baylor
-I really like the Cowboys offense in this one. Baylor is looking good after a win at Texas but I can’t see them winning two on the road in a row. Baylor is ranked 78th in total defense, so I don’t anticipate they will be stopping the Cowboys. Continue reading “Spread the Love”

Spread the Love

No, I didn’t abandon this section. Picking spreads is a tricky thing. Anything can happen.

Spread the Love is 6-3 so far. Yuck.

For the record, I do not gamble. I like picking spreads. So, if you go with anything I say on here — that’s your own call. I still haven’t hit all three teams this year.

Michigan -3 @ Penn State: Penn State is going to be without Robert Bolden and they won’t be able to contain Denard Robinson.

Kentucky +6 @ Mississippi State: I’ve got Mississippi State winning by 3.

Michigan State +6.5 @ Iowa: Same thing here. I’ve got Iowa winning, but it’s going to be close.

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