Ten Thoughts on the 2013 Iron Bowl

Auburn defeated #1 Alabama in one of the most unbelievable finishes to their storied rivalry anyone has ever seen.

Since that undoubtedly historic night, I’ve seen a lot of ill-placed blame and logic scattered throughout the Internet. Here are my thoughts I’ve compiled and broken down into ten points from the 2013 Iron Bowl.

1.  Alabama committed six penalties for 45 yards. Five of those penalties (45 yards) came in the 2nd half.  Four of them were false start penalties. One false start cost Alabama 3 points. A holding  penalty negated a 1st down inside the Auburn 15 with 4 minutes remaining in the game. Bama entered the Iron Bowl averaging about 4.5 penalties per game.

2. Tre Mason gashed Alabama all night, running for 164 yards —  the second highest total by an individual in Saban’s tenure at Alabama. Former Arkansas Razorback, Darren McFadden, rushed for 195 yards in 2007 (Saban’s first season)against Bama, but that was hardly Saban’s team.

3. Kenyan Drake gained 33 yards on 4 carries, then disappeared. Gary and Verne made no mention of the disappearance, to my knowledge. His last carry came early in the 2nd quarter, and I haven’t found anything citing an injury. (Edit: This may shed some light, but only a little…)

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What Would You Sacrifice to Beat Auburn?

I had an interesting dream last night that provoked a hypothetical dilemma for Alabama fans.

My dream involved Alabama playing Missouri in the SEC Championship. Missouri was absolutely crushing Alabama.  It was an embarrassing, floor-waxing debacle. I felt the sting of the beat down in my dreams and I woke up thinking it had actually happened. I just couldn’t believe Missouri beat Alabama 45-7.

iron_bowl_logoThe dilemma stems from this. Since Alabama was playing in the SEC Championship, that means they defeated Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Given that, would you — Bama fans — sacrifice a shot at the National Championship if it meant beating Auburn this Saturday?

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Alabama Still the Team to Beat in 2012

Dee Milliner, who was named Walter Camp National Defensive Player of the Week for his play against Michigan, returns an interception that set up an Alabama score. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

It was business as usual for Nick Saban and his army last night in Arlington.

Saban and his Crimson Tide marched into Arlington and essentially ended the battle in the first 15 minutes. It was a swift, unrelenting blitzkrieg-style assault from the Crimson Tide — one of elite discipline and master planning.

Michigan, reeling from the voracity of Alabama’s assault, would not find its footing until just under 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. It didn’t matter. Alabama had already broken the will of a once eager Michigan squad.

We can gather two things from last night’s game: Alabama is very capable of defending its national crown and Michigan has a lot of work to do. Continue reading “Alabama Still the Team to Beat in 2012”